Age obviously has a lot of you,  Beauty Machine  why not face acne or recede? Want Young is a good thing, but it can not be this way. You know, your face is always possible that these acne causes.

Touching the face

Touching the face is that many people do not consciously little habits, and this little habit is often the cause of acne long kept the biggest culprit, you never know what you have on hand in the end how many bacteria, so even if you have hand washing, try to remember avoid frequent touching the face Oh!

Maintaining exercise habits

Maintaining exercise habits is a very good thing, but at the same time you thought sports might let you take one of the reasons acne? What's your towel, yoga mats and other supplies are often in contact with the skin, you do not know time, have long been filled with a lot of bacteria, so after exercise, not only to thoroughly clean the body, these sporting goods, remember to clean and disinfect!


Every day in the use of drugs may cause acne causes, acne caused by oral contraceptives is the most common cause, before using any medication, be sure to consult a physician Xianxiang professional if you have any allergies also need to provide relevant information to physicians and pharmacists!

Oil on the phone

In the hands of a machine age, how long you spend time every day talking about phones? Whenever you pick up the phone to speak, your cheek is really just on the phone with grease, dirt exchange, especially in summer sweat easily time, sometimes after traces of makeup on top of the phone screen to see this, why do not you rub it?

Toothpaste to treat acne

There was a drift-net transfer printing can use toothpaste to treat acne, do not know you believe this argument? Physician for such prescriptions, it does not agree, as originally toothpaste cleaning supplies, the main function and expertise on the acne products, the use of toothpaste to Zhidou, but due to toothpaste irritants make acne worse.

How Acne?

When acne emerge just

TIPS1: own processing

When just out acne, acne special products have anti-inflammatory effect on the applicator, you can quickly "destroy" acne. After cleansing must remember that in order to "thin, small" dot on acne, but will hurt too much weight to the part of the skin without acne.

TIPS2: find dermatologist

If you are keen to "fuss", you can seek the assistance of a dermatologist. However, these "insignificant" acne problems, doctors usually do not prescribe oral drugs, but prescribe topical ointment applied (typically contain A acid, azelaic acid or an antibiotic ingredient) to help convergence acne.

TIPS3: Do not use the same fixed products

Smear "pimple" product, do not use the same a long time, because it's easy to have a "resistance", so there will be no effect Zhidou a valid.

Purulent swelling of acne

TIPS1: the professionals

Purulent inflammation of the acne, do not use your fingers to hustle, to seek the best known hairdressers, beauticians for you by a professional clean, so as not to repeat the attack.

TIPS2: Laser Acne

Laser Acne approach higher price, usually together with scar India were together, but must be carried out in specialized hospital or beauty salon.

After leaving acne scars and India

TIPS1: cover pock

Concealer pen-shaped pock then wipe gently on the soft reduction, they can easily cover spots, acne and acne.

TIPS2: White light pox

India has chosen whitening, Blemish whitening effect or essence, in a concentrated whitening essence strengthen skin metabolism, prevent pigmentation, acne marks, and dilute smallpox in India!

Acne is a chronic disease, easy to relapse,  Beauty machine manufacturers  in addition to Zhidou, Acne, but also to pay attention to clean the skin, improve the diet to acne!